Sustainable Seafood

Marine Conservation Institute is helping Holland America Line serve more sustainable seafood onboard their vessels. Holland America Line has made a commitment to remove unsustainable items from their seafood menu and serve more sustainable seafood items. Sustainable seafood is fish or shellfish that are caught or farmed in a manner that does not irreparably harm the surrounding ecosystem and ensures enough fish remain in the sea to feed future generations and support local fishing communities.

In order to ascertain the sustainability of a particular seafood item, we have referred to a variety of sustainable seafood ranking and certification programs, as well as our own research and judgment to determine what is sustainable.

When you return home from a Holland America Line cruise you can determine if the seafood you are purchasing is sustainable too. By visiting the Seafood Watch website, and ordering Seafood Watch cards of your own, you can go a long way toward making sure the seafood you purchase is sustainable.

Some of the resources used for selecting sustainable seafood:

Monterey Bay Aquarium- Seafood Watch

Blue Ocean Institute - Guide to Ocean Friendly Seafood

Environmental Defense Fund - Seafood Selector

World Wildlife Fund- Sustainable Seafood Guides

Marine Stewardship Council

Aquaculture Stewardship Council

Fish Choice

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions