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Blog April 22, 2014
Help Keep Our Earth Vibrant

Today is Earth Day and we all should give thanks to be living on such ... » read more

Blog April 16, 2014
Palau Gets It! Ocean Protection expected to pay big dividend

The island nation of Palau located in the western Pacific Ocean recently announced that it ... » read more

Blog April 14, 2014
Gulf Gems Still Shining – But What Does The Future Hold?

When the Deepwater Horizon disaster occurred in 2010, the fragility of the Gulf of Mexico ... » read more

Blog April 8, 2014
How to not “water down” marine protected areas

Several interesting scientific papers have recently documented the benefits of marine protected areas and the ... » read more

Blog April 1, 2014
Now you can get our daily catch of ocean news on Marine Conservation Today!

We recently launched Marine Conservation Today, our new online newspaper delivering the most recent, exciting ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release April 14, 2014
Marine Conservation Institute Releases Gulf Gems Report Highlighting Critical Areas to Protect in the Gulf of Mexico

Marine Conservation Institute today announced it has released a new report, Gulf Gems: Treasured Places ... » read more

News Release February 12, 2014
New Research Highlights the Need for Better and More Rigorous Scientific Criteria for Marine Protected Areas

Marine Conservation Institute today highlighted important new research by Graham J. Edgar et al, featured ... » read more

News Release January 29, 2014
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service successfully removes shipwrecks that were destroying coral reefs in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument with assistance from Marine Conservation Institute

On January 16, 2014, a 16-person crew completed the removal of three sunken wrecks that ... » read more

News Release January 7, 2014
Marine Conservation Institute announces Gail Osherenko has joined its Board of Directors

Marine Conservation Institute today announced that Gail Osherenko has joined its Board of Directors. Osherenko ... » read more

News Release December 18, 2013
Marine Conservation Institute announces “14 Things Humans Can Do To Make the Oceans More Abundant in 2014″

In honor of the start of another year of trying to motivate humankind to work ... » read more