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Blog February 26, 2015
GLORES Partner Spotlight: Ryan Seelbach, Mavericks Surfer

The Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) continues to attract the coolest of the cool as ... » read more

Blog February 20, 2015
Costco is Taking Action to Redefine the Seafood Retail Industry

Our oceans are in crisis. From overfishing to pollution, our actions have jeopardized the vital ... » read more

Blog February 13, 2015
Celebrating Love in the Seas

Our Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES) partner photographers have captured the essence of ocean love ... » read more

Blog February 6, 2015
GLORES Partner Spotlight: Michael Sutton, Social Entrepreneur and Conservation Leader

Strong partners are absolutely critical to the success of the Global Ocean Refuge System (GLORES ... » read more

Blog February 3, 2015
Peering into the Depths of the Bering Sea Canyons, it’s Clear that Protection is Needed

Our oceans are in crisis even as we soak up their splendor on vacation, recreate ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release February 5, 2015
NOAA Must Redouble Effort to Save the Declining Hawaiian Monk Seal, Says Marine Conservation Institute

Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, released a comprehensive report today calling ... » read more

News Release January 21, 2015
Ocean Advocates Call upon Supermarkets to Help Restore Balance to Alaska’s Bering Sea

Today, Greenpeace, Marine Conservation Institute and Mission Blue (Sylvia Earle Alliance) launched an ad campaign ... » read more

News Release December 17, 2014
Marine Conservation Institute Commends Presidential Task Force on Combatting Illegal Fishing and Seafood Fraud

Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, commended the White House on the ... » read more

News Release November 17, 2014
New Report Shows that Most G20 Member Countries Are Strongly Protecting Less than 1% of the Ocean Area in their Jurisdiction

Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, will unveil a report today at ... » read more

News Release November 5, 2014
Holland America Line Develops Program in Partnership with Marine Conservation Institute to Support Marine Protected Areas

As part of its “Our Marvelous Oceans” partnership with Marine Conservation Institute, Holland America Line ... » read more