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Blog November 18, 2015
A Changing Ocean

Climate change has had many names and connotations since I first learned about it. Originally ... » read more

Blog October 23, 2015
Will Antarctica host two colossal protected areas?

Around the globe, marine conservation communities are focused on Antarctica, the world’s last great ... » read more

Blog October 16, 2015
Big Blue Blog about BLOBS in the Big Blue

The BLOB, a large mass of warm water in the Pacific Ocean along the West ... » read more

Blog October 8, 2015
Celebrating Our Ocean 2015 Meeting

What do you get when you put 500 ocean leaders, conservationists and stakeholders from over ... » read more

Blog October 2, 2015
A Decade of Creating Large Marine Protected Areas

Across the United States, over 10% of our land has been set aside to protect ... » read more

Recent News Releases

News Release November 12, 2015
Marine Conservation Institute Releases Powerful Video Describing the Global Ocean Refuge System

Washington, DC—November 12, 2015—Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, successfully ... » read more

News Release October 23, 2015
Marine Conservation Institute Applauds Final Passage of the Pirate Fishing Bill (HR. 774);

Washington, DC—October 22, 2015—Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in protecting marine biodiversity, applauds ... » read more

News Release October 5, 2015
Marine Conservation Institute Applauds New Marine Protected Areas Announced at Our Oceans Conference Today

SEATTLE — Today, at the Our Oceans Conference in Valparaiso, Chile, several counties announced new commitments ... » read more

News Release August 19, 2015
New Habitat Protections Will Help Hawaiian Monk Seals Avoid Extinction

HONOLULU— The National Marine Fisheries Service today issued a final rule protecting almost 7,000 ... » read more

News Release July 21, 2015
California, Oregon and Florida Lead in Strongly Protecting Marine Ecosystems; Remaining US States Lag in Conservation Efforts

Marine Conservation Institute, a leader in securing strong protection for the world’s oceans, released ... » read more