A Word from our President

Important changes for the oceans and us

From: Elliott A. Norse, Founder & Chief Scientist

Now, when scientists understand that ocean life is imperiled, the Marine Conservation Institute wants to be certain that we’re doing all we can to accomplish as much as possible for marine species and ecosystems they inhabit.  We will always be dedicated to winning protection for life in the oceans we love.

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that our Board of Directors has approved my proposal to change the leadership of the Marine Conservation Institute last week.  They appointed Dr. Lance Morgan (at 12 years, our longest-tenured employee other than me) as the new President and Chief Executive Officer of our organization.  At the same time, they accepted my proposal to create a new position for me.  I am now Founder and Chief Scientist.

What does this mean?  For Lance, it recognizes that he’s an extraordinarily effective leader.  He’s an outstanding scientist (see praise for him from Drs. Daniel Pauly and Sylvia Earle, surely among the best-known marine scientists in the world at http://www.marine-conservation.org/media-room/press-releases/).  He’s really policy-savvy.  He understands the importance of our mission and has the trust of our Staff, Board, funders and other friends.  He sees the big picture and the crucial details that the devil’s always in.  As Sylvia said, “He is the real deal.”

Lance’s willingness to take on the burden of leadership makes him a hero.  He’s freeing me to read, think, write, speak, raise funds and advise him about making us even more effective in winning protection for the world’s marine ecosystems.  He’s freed me to do what I think I do best.  I couldn’t be happier (unless the oceans were saved and we could then retire!!!).

This transition is something to celebrate, as we reconfigure ourselves to better meet the challenge of maintaining and recovering the diversity and productivity of the sea.  That’s our mission, and now we have upgraded our leadership to make it a reality.

Welcome aboard, President Morgan!  Know that this move gives hope to me and a lot of people who love the oceans, as you do.

Elliott A. Norse, PhD, Founder and Chief Scientist
Marine Conservation Institute
Saving wild ocean places, for us and future generations

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